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IRA Savings Account

What if saving for your retirement could mean more money in your pocket today? The BofI Federal Bank IRA Savings account makes it easy to start saving for your retirement while providing you with tax incentives. When you open an IRA, not only are you investing in your future but each contribution you make may end up increasing your tax refund. The more you contribute to your IRA, the less taxable income you may have to claim.

Our low risk Traditional IRA or Roth IRA Savings account will provide you with constant returns on your money, without exposing you to the risks involved in the stock market. All you need is $250 to begin your journey to retirement. Start building your savings today and earn up to 0.70% APY*.Your funds are fully protected by the FDIC up to $250,000 and we offer absolutely zero opening or annual fees.

Not sure which IRA product is right for you?

Visit our Traditional vs Roth IRA comparison guide to review the various tax incentives and to assist you in selecting the Individual Retirement Account (IRA) best suited to meet your financial goals.


Tier Level Minimum Deposit Balance Requirement APY*
Tier 1 $250 Less Than $1,000 0.15%
Tier 2 $250 $1,000 + 0.70%



Initial Deposit

Interest Compounded Daily

Safe and Secure – FDIC Insured

No annual fee

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