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Wholesale and Correspondent Jumbo/Super Jumbo Mortgage Lending

Increase your earnings potential and differentiate yourself in the mortgage market by expanding your portfolio of products and services with the innovative line of adjustable rate Jumbo and Super Jumbo mortgage solutions available from .

We can help you deliver home loan options that meet the needs of your sophisticated clientele with loan amounts to $5,000,000 and beyond.

BofI Federal Bank is dedicated to to our Lending Partners through our Wholesale and Correspondent Portfolio Lending platform. Our seasoned team of account executives are available to provide recommendations and including solutions for borrowers with complex financial structures and unique properties. We’re available to discuss individual loan scenarios with you.

Our Personalized Lending Approach: We Want to Say Yes

Our lending strategy accommodates complex financial structures, high loan amounts, and unique properties. We apply a common sense approach to loan underwriting and look beyond the numbers to make a loan approval decision.

24-Hour Access: Always Know the Status of Your Loans

A 24-hour, secure online system allows real-time access to your pipeline. Lock your loan during our normal business hours when your client makes a decision. Our website offers instant access to loan documents and forms, detailed product and program information, current rates, and the latest announcements. Our dedicated customer service and loan underwriting teams are readily available and happy to provide you with live contact and personal service.

Technology-enhanced Process: Faster Turn Times and Approval Decisions

We don’t replace humans with technology; we use technology to support our 100% paperless loan submission and processing. Turn times for approval and processing are significantly reduced through 100% imaging of all loan documents.

Learn How You Can Partner with BofI Federal Bank

To learn more about our lending solutions or loan underwriting services, please contact BofI Federal Bank by email at or by phone at (888) 417-2479 . We would be pleased to answer any questions you might have and explain how we could help you distinguish yourself in the mortgage industry.