About Us

Located in scenic San Diego, CA, BofI Federal Bank is a trailblazer in online banking. We aspire to be the most innovative branchless bank in the United States, providing products and services that are reliably superior to our branch-based competitors.

Founded in 1999, we were one of the first branchless banks in the United States and are recognized as the oldest and most trusted pioneer in the online banking industry. We are a tenacious disruptor, combining our non-traditional spirit with best-in-class risk management to deliver consistent profitability, and an exceptional customer experience.

Our team is an ambitious one. We rely on collaborative creativity, intelligence, curiosity and innovation. We’re tech-savvy problem-solvers who are competitive and hungry for success.


Our Culture

Our employees are visionary and diverse self-starters. High performers are wired a little bit differently; they thrive on challenge and a fast paced environment and welcome being held accountable to ambitious goals and rigorous standards. Meritocracy is embedded in our DNA. It is demonstrated through our ability to appreciate, respect and reward the hard work our people accomplish; they go the extra mile and we understand it isn’t easy. We believe our people are unique and that they’re at the core of our success.

Our Values

Emotional Involvement

Emotional involvement is what makes the difference between excellence and just getting by. Enthusiasm and excitement about your work are keys to success while detached, dispassionate, and disinterested efforts are the recipe for failure. Your work has to become a real personal passion and part of your identity. Our goal must be to be genuinely emotionally invested in our work and create an uplifting environment for ourselves and others.


BofI defines five pillars of character:

Trustworthiness is the most important of the five core ethical values and encompasses variety of qualities like honesty, integrity, reliability, and loyalty.

People are not things. Everyone has a right to be treated with dignity. Respect encompasses notions such as civility, courtesy, decency, dignity, autonomy, tolerance, and acceptance.

Life is full of choices. Being responsible means being accountable for what we do and who we are. Ethical people show responsibility by being accountable, pursuing excellence, and exercising self-restraint.

Fairness requires that we trust individuals appropriately based upon their performance. Fairness depends on external factors, such as circumstances, situations, performance, or contribution.

It is easier to love "humanity" than to love people. A person who really cares feels an emotional response to the pain and the pleasure of others.

Growth in Competence and Knowledge

Successful professionals voraciously acquire and apply advances in their own knowledge to specific challenges. Continuous acquisition of applicable knowledge requires openness to and the aggressive seeking of new experiences that will stretch you beyond your comfort zone. Acquisition of knowledge is an investment in oneself that requires a real personal passion, emotional involvement in one's work, and a deep sense of pride in your expertise within your area of competence.

Superior Individual Performance within our Meritocracy

We exalt superior individual performance. We reward individual performance through a meritocratic evaluation processes. We believe that great companies are built by great individuals. At BofI, we hold the old-fashioned belief that hard work and success can’t be separated.


While independent thoughts and personal contributions are critically important, our work is accomplished within teams. Each of us must consistently act to achieve the agreed-upon objectives of the team with respect for our fellow colleagues, while acting in a mutually supportive manner. We need outstanding individuals producing superior individual performances, working together to create an outstanding team.

Rationality (Fact-Based Objectivity)

We use facts to make rational decisions at BofI. Rational thinking is a learned skill, which requires mental focus and a commitment to improving the clarity of our mental process. Rational thinking expresses itself in the work product and thought processes we utilize to govern ourselves.