Banking for Third Party Payment Processors (TPPP)

At BofI Federal Bank, our business banking solutions for third party payment processors are designed for companies with high monthly account balances, high transaction volumes, and advanced cash management needs. Our business banking specialists will conduct a complimentary analysis of your current transaction activities and show you how much your payment processing company can save by switching to our competitively priced financial services.

Financial Services Tailored to the Payment Processing Industry

Our business banking services for third party payment processors are ideal for companies that have large quantities of:

  • Payroll processing
  • Payroll transactions such as taxes and garnishments
  • ACH transactions
  • Sales tax transactions

also offers a full suite of that can be tailored to the financial needs of third party payment processors that handle large numbers of transactions. These Cash Management products and services are available to companies that open or with BofI Federal Bank.

Discover the Advantages of Our Customized Business Banking Solutions

Contact BofI Federal Bank today for further information on how our business banking and cash management solutions can be highly advantageous to your payment processing business.

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