Banking for Non-Profit and Religious Organizations

We at BofI Federal Bank are dedicated to helping non-profit groups and religious organizations fulfill their missions by providing banking services that align with their financial goals. We proudly provide customized financial services to non-profit groups of all types, including:

  • Educational groups
  • Environmental charities
  • Animal charities
  • Scientific organizations
  • International NGOs
  • Health charities
  • Arts and culture charities
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Family foundations

When you choose to entrust the reserve funds of your non-profit organization to , our business banking experts will work with you to find a solution that provides you with the greatest range of financial benefits possible while best serving your organization's long-term interests.

Benefits of the Non-Profit and Religious Money Market Account

BofI Federal Bank offers a that offers such unique advantages as:

  • A simple, single-page application and signature card: Fax or email your application back to us; we don't require the original document.
  • Exceptional convenience: Our innovative branchless banking model ensures that representatives of your organization will never have to visit a physical location.
  • Access to your funds: Enjoy with the flexibility of being able to make up to six withdrawals each month.
  • Low maintenance: You'll have less upkeep than you would have with laddered certificates of deposit, which mature at different rates.

Learn More about How We Can Help You Fulfill Your Mission

At BofI Federal Bank, our mission is to help non-profit organizations such as yours fulfill their missions by providing them with innovative business banking, money market, and . Contact us today at 844-678-2726 or by emailing us at to find out how our experienced team of bankers can help your organization achieve its financial goals.

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