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Banking for Non-Profits and Religious Organizations

We at BofI Federal Bank are dedicated to helping non-profits and religious organizations fulfill their missions by providing banking services that align with their financial goals. We proudly work with all types of non-profits, including:

  • Educational groups
  • Environmental charities
  • Animal charities
  • Scientific organizations
  • International NGOs
  • Health charities
  • Arts & culture charites
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Family foundations

When you choose to entrust your organization's funds to , our business banking experts will work with you to find a solution that provides you with the greatest range of financial benefits possible while best serving your organization's long-term interests. Our Non-Profit & Religious Money Market Account offers such advantages as:

  • A simple, single-page application and signature card: Fax or email your application back to us; we don't require the original document.
  • Exceptional convenience: Our innovative branchless banking model ensures that representatives of your organization will never have to visit a physical location.
  • Access to your funds: Enjoy with the flexibility of being able to make up to six withdrawals each month.
  • Low maintenance: You'll have less upkeep than you would have with laddered certificates of deposit, which mature at different rates.
  • Security: Each account is FDIC insured up to $250,000

At BofI Federal Bank, our mission is to help organizations such as yours fulfill their missions by providing them with innovative business banking, , and . Contact us today at 844-678-2726 to find out how our experienced team of bankers can help you achieve your financial goals.

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