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Workplace Banking Benefits

Save Employees Money

Bank of Internet USA, the consumer brand of BofI Federal Bank, is unlike any other bank you know. We don’t have branches, but through our outstanding checking, savings, and loan products, our Workplace Banking solutions can help your employees save money. Immediately.

Checking Account Benefits

We offer award-winning checking accounts to fit any employee needs. Two of our most popular accounts are and .

Our Essential Checking offers:

  • No overdraft fees – we are here to support your employees, not charge them fees.
  • No ATM fees – We reimburse 100% of any domestic ATM charges incurred. There’s no limit – EVER!
  • Access to over 425,000 ATMs nationwide – No more driving across town to get cashi.
  • No monthly charges regardless of account balance – We save employees, on average, over $300 a year in feesii

For employees who want to earn interest on their balances, our Rewards Checking account offers up to 1.25% APY1 in addition to the benefits offered by Essential Checking.

Savings Account Benefits

Saving is an important part of an employee’s financial wellness. We offer products that can help them grow their funds quickly and securely, whatever their savings goals. We provide different savings options to suit different needs, from our high-yield to our and .

The Smart Savings Account can help get them on their way to saving and offers such benefits as:

  • Up to 1.05% APY 2,3
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • No minimum monthly account balance requirements
  • Free ATM card for easy transactions

Mortgage and Personal Loans Benefits

  • Savings of over $700 on mortgage and refinance application fees, beginning at only $275
  • Personal LoansEmployees can enjoy an additional 1% APR discount over our published rates, as well as two-day funding and no pre-payment penalties. Minimum rate is 6.5% APR 4

Concierge Banking Benefits

Need more personalized service? We also offer Concierge Banking Services through our premier banking division, , for those individuals with advanced wealth management needs.

  • Wide range of premier checking and savings products and mortgage packages
  • Personalized banking solutions custom-tailored to your employees unique financial needs and goals
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager at your employees’ fingertips, helping them monitor and manage their accounts

Tax Help Benefits - Coming Winter 2017

Personal Finance Tools - Coming Winter 2017

Why Is Bofl Federal Bank Offering These Workplace Banking Benefits?

At BofI Federal Bank, we believe in promoting financial wellness. We want to help working employees to save money and make ends meet. Did you know...

  • “46% of Americans cannot afford an unexpected $400 expense” iii
  • “Two-thirds of Americans would struggle to cover an unexpected $1,000 expense”iv
  • Nearly 4 out of 10 respondents in a Harris Poll said they “always or usually live paycheck to paycheck”v
  • A Consumer Finance Protection Bureau study found that 68% of working people would find it “somewhat or very difficult” if their paycheck was delayed a weekvi
  • The top concern for workers employees experiencing financial stress were: vii
    • 1) Not having enough emergency savings (55%),
    • 2) Not being able to retire on time (37%), and
    • 3) Not meeting monthly expenses (25%).
  • “The leading cause of stress for Americans is money, outranking work which came in second place”viii
  • 51% of Millennials and 57% of Gen X withdrew emergency funds for unexpected expensesix

We Want to Help your Employees Now. Get Started with Workplace Banking Today.

Lower Costs, Save More Money, Become More Financially Secure.

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