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Zero Balance Account Service

The Zero Balance Account (ZBA) Service from BofI Federal Bank enables your business to take control of and maximize multiple checking account balances.

With a ZBA, you can maintain a decentralized network of sub-accounts, each of which is brought to a zero balance nightly, thereby maximizing the use of your cash while concentrating cash in one account for optimal flexibility. The concentrated funds are disbursed from a Master ZBA account to each sub-account to fund daily activity.

Disbursement accounts, such as payroll accounts, can be maintained at a zero balance as funds are swept automatically from the Master ZBA account to cover payments as needed, meaning that your available cash is not sitting idle.

How to Get Started with Our ZBA Service

Find out how our Zero Balance Account Service and other can benefit your business. To learn more about our leading technology and , contact a Relationship Manager today at 844-678-2726 or via email at

The Zero Balance Account Service is just one component of a full suite of Cash Management Services available with the or from BofI Federal Bank. We invite you to to determine which option best aligns with the financial needs and goals of your business.

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