Merchant Remote Deposit Capture

With Merchant Remote Deposit Capture from BofI Federal Bank, deposits of scanned images of checks can be made locally without limitation. You can simply scan checks and transmit those images online to BofI Federal Bank for secure processing without ever leaving the office.

The Merchant Remote Deposit Capture system is 100% web based, which allows hardware and software updates to occur seamlessly and automatically. Additionally, this sophisticated cash management system provides extensive reporting and the ability to export data in a variety of formats for upload into accounting software packages.

Benefits of Merchant Remote Deposit Capture

  • Enhanced cash flow - Timely deposits free up working capital. By using electronic images, checks can be presented to the bank faster. Merchant Remote Deposit Capture also offers the ability to convert your paper checks to an electronic debit via the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network.
  • Streamlined banking relationships - Because deposits are made electronically you may make deposits regardless of geographic location within the United States.
  • Saves time and costs by lowering processing fees - You save time and money by eliminating trips to the bank. Check images are captured at your office location and transmitted electronically to BofI Federal Bank, eliminating standard handling, transportation, and encoding fees.
  • Assists in reconciliation, research, and reporting - Export check data and other pertinent information into various file formats for updating your account receivables. An online archive of check images allows you to research deposit information for reconciliation and reporting needs.

How to Get Started with Merchant Remote Deposit Capture

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Merchant Remote Deposit Capture is just part of a full suite of Cash Management Services available with the and accounts from BofI Federal Bank. We encourage you to to find out which account is best suited to the financial needs and goals of your business.

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