Check Positive Pay

Check Positive Pay from BofI Federal Bank is a key solution to help protect your business from fraudulent check activity. This cash management service automatically matches each check presented for payment against a list of checks you have issued. Discrepancies are immediately flagged so that you can approve or decline suspicious items prior to payment, thereby reducing overall risk.

Benefits of Check Positive Pay

  • Check Positive Pay protects your account by alerting you of potentially fraudulent checks.
  • You can make decisions online whether to pay or decline suspicious checks before they post to your account.
  • Image-based platform gives you the ability to view suspect checks and identify fraud.
  • Check issue file upload and manual input are supported.
  • You can easily integrate Check Positive Pay with your programs.

How to Get Started with Check Positive Pay

Learn more about how you can further protect your business from check fraud with Check Positive Pay, part of our full suite of Cash Management Products and Services, by contacting one of our expert Relationship Managers today at 844-678-2726 or via email at .

As part of the from BofI Federal Bank, Check Positive Pay is available exclusively to customers with or accounts. We encourage you to to find out which one is best suited to the financial needs and goals of your business.

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