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ACH Origination Services

Manage your accounts payable and receivable anywhere, anytime, with ACH Origination from BofI Federal Bank. This allows you to initiate credit and debit entries for ACH payment types, such as payroll services, cash concentration and disbursement, vendor payments, consumer debits and credits, and tax payments. Our ACH Origination Service supports free-form batch entry and templates, as well as NACHA-formatted file import.

combines robust security features with all the convenience of online banking. With the intuitive design of our ACH Origination platform, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently:

  • Perform routine transactions such as payroll direct deposit payments, vendor payments, direct debits, and tax payments
  • Initiate one-time or recurring transactions
  • Manage all of your customers, partners, and providers by creating payment templates to quickly initiate live ACH batches
  • Review your Notification of Change (NOC) or Returns on the go
  • Release multiple transaction batches at once for enhanced efficiency

Need More Information on ACH Origination?

Find out more about how BofI Federal Bank’s ACH Origination Service can benefit your business. Contact a Relationship Manager today at 844-678-2726 or via email at to learn more about our exceptional customer service, advanced technology, and .

ACH Origination is just part of a comprehensive suite of Cash Management Services available with the or available from BofI Federal Bank. We encourage you to to determine which one is best suited to the financial needs and goals of your business.

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