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At BofI Federal Bank, we understand that managing your day-to-day cash obligations is essential for your business to thrive. We offer a comprehensive suite of Cash Management solutions that will allow you to optimize your receivables and payments processing, maximize your returns on investment balances, mitigate risks, and combat fraud. Our goal is to partner with you to reduce costs and take advantage of technology and process enhancements.

We are committed to offering the most technologically advanced tools so our clients have greater control over the collection, disbursement, investment, and information reporting needs of cash balances. Our Cash Management services will help your business manage cash resources and risk more effectively and efficiently.

Whether your Cash Management needs are basic or you require more complex solutions, our team of Cash Management professionals will work with you to deliver competitively priced services tailored to your business. At , we offer packages of bundled Cash Management services or we can customize Cash Management solutions based on your unique requirements.

With our Account Reconciliation Service, we provide detailed and customized reporting on all deposits, paid checks, and electronics transactions, along with the dollar amounts of each.

ACH Positive Pay from BofI Federal Bank protects your business from unauthorized ACH transactions and enables you to securely manage risk and reduce fraud, while expediting daily cash flow. It allows you to accept just the ACH transactions you want by setting specific parameters on individuals and companies and a dollar range for your pre-approved ACH payments.

Manage your accounts payable and receivable anywhere, anytime, with ACH Origination from BofI Federal Bank. This Cash Management tool allows you to initiate credit and debit entries for ACH payment types, such as payroll services, cash concentration and disbursement, vendor payments, consumer debits and credits, tax payments, and more.

Eliminate the time, waste, and expense of writing paper checks with Bill Pay Premium from BofI Federal Bank. This innovative cash management solution allows you to pay all of your bills in one place and create one-time or recurring payments.

Check Positive Pay from BofI Federal Bank is a key solution to help protect your business from fraudulent check activity. This service automatically matches each check presented for payment against a list of checks you have issued. Discrepancies are immediately flagged so you can approve or decline suspicious items prior to payment, thereby helping to reduce overall risk of fraud.

Closely monitor your cash positions easily and securely, no matter where you are. Our Information Reporting Services will help grow your business by giving you the tools to minimize idle balances, ensure appropriate liquidity, take advantage of investment opportunities, reduce borrowing, and accurately analyze current and future funding needs.

At BofI Federal Bank, our innovative Lockbox Services are designed to simplify the collection and processing of your accounts receivable. We offer nationwide Lockbox operations using state-of-the art integrated infrastructure to accelerate your accounts receivable processing and information delivery through solutions that are customized to your unique requirements.

With Merchant Remote Deposit Capture, deposits of scanned images of checks can be made locally without limitation. Clients simply scan checks and transmit those images online to BofI Federal Bank for secure processing without ever leaving the office.

Our Online Wire Transfer Service allows clients to originate domestic wires online. This online module contains multiple features including the ability to create and save wire templates with repetitive wire instructions, set up future-dated wires, and release single and batch wires.

Accept payments or donations, quickly and conveniently, directly on your website with our comprehensive Payment Portal solution. This versatile Cash Management solution is ideal for both businesses and non-profit organizations looking to simplify their payment acceptance and processing methods.

The Zero Balance Account (ZBA) Service from BofI Federal Bank enables clients to take control over and to maximize multiple checking account balances. With a ZBA, you can maintain a decentralized network of accounts each of which is brought to a zero balance nightly, thereby maximizing the use of your cash while concentrating cash in one account for maximum flexibility.

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