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Marketing Your Small Business: What Makes You Unique?

Apr 6, 2017

Setting your small business apart from your competition has never been more important than it is now, with consumers having access to a global array of products with the click of a mouse.  Are you doing the most to make sure people are finding your business? Finding the right marketing...

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Cash Flow Planning for a Successful Construction Business

Mar 27, 2017

Unexpected costs and being a contractor go hand in hand, but that doesn’t mean that your construction business needs to be held back from a tight cash flow. You can create a cash flow strategy to keep your construction business thriving all year round. Prepare for the unexpected with these cash...

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Top 10 Mistakes That Small Business Owners Make

Mar 13, 2017

When you’re starting out with your first small business, there are plenty of things that can be overlooked. We want to help you start your business off on the right foot with theses ten biggest mistakes that small business owners make, so you can avoid making them in your ventures. 1. Not Having...

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Why You Need a Separate Business Bank Account as a Sole Proprietor

Mar 8, 2017

When you are first launching your business as a sole proprietor, it may seem convenient simply to use your personal bank accounts for all of your transactions. However, adding separate bank accounts for your business can provide you with higher levels of asset protection and tax incentives...

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Strengthening Your Business through Your Employees

Mar 3, 2017

Small to medium size businesses face unique challenges every day. While it may be difficult to prepare for a sudden increase or decrease in sales, there are certain areas where you can make large gains to improve your business.   Start with your employees. Offering your employees more, and...

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