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Committee Charting

ALCO - Asset and Liability Committee

This Committee will review and recommend to the Board an investment and pricing policy and will ensure the implementation of the policy and adequacy of bank liquidity. The Committee will review and approve transactions exceeding the investment authority of BofI Federal Bank officers and will review issues relating to its portfolio, duration, rates, and ensure that management adheres to the IRR policy.

Audit Committee

This Committee is responsible for selecting the independent outside auditor and for safety and soundness issues relating to the management of BofI Federal Bank. Internal policies and procedures, as well as those established by regulatory authorities, or recommended by accountants, outside auditors, or counsel. The timeliness, thoroughness and accuracy of financial reports prepared by management will be revised by this Committee.

DCC - Directors Credit Committee

This Committee will review and recommend to the Board a loan policy and any revisions thereto. It will then ensure the implementation and adherence to the policy. The Committee also will serve as the first level of review, approval and/or recommendation to the Board of all loan transactions exceeding the lending authority of BofI Federal Bank officers.

IAR - Internal Asset Review Committee

This Committee will review the quality of the asset portfolio, contingencies and risks in general. The Committee will review loan portfolio performance, loan classifications, and the adequacy of loan loss reserves.

BOTC – Operations and Technology Committee

This Committee will monitor compliance with applicable laws and regulations and the alignment of organizational and technological strategies and resources. In addition, the Committee will review operational and technological initiatives and metrics together with investments that involve significant capital risk.